The PV Buyback USA fund is an open-end UCITS fund distributed to retail investors in Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands. The fund consists of two share classes :

- A-shares denominated in EUR with no minimum initial subscription amount and a management fee of 1.50%
- B-shares denominated in EUR with a EUR 250,000 minimum initial subscription amount and a management fee of 1.00%

A performance fee is charged by the fund on both share classes in case the fund beats its benchmark index while above the 2-year high watermark. The benchmark index is the Russell 2000 index (Bloomberg ticker: RTY Index). The performance fee represents 10% of the outperformance of the period compared to the benchmark.

The PV Buyback USA fund is addressed to investors who have a long term investment horizon. Potential investors should carefully read the Prospectus and the Key Investor Information Document herebelow :

- Prospectus - DIM Funds SICAV SA

- Annual report 2022 - DIM Funds SICAV SA

- KIID - PV Buyback USA - A-Shares

- KIID - PV Buyback USA - B-Shares

Subscription in the fund can be exectuted through financial institutions distributing the fund in Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands:

For further information, you can also contact us at the following e-mail address: